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Should I travel with a group or have my own private guide/vehicle?

Being accommodating to others is essential if you travel with a group. Mixing travellers in the same vehicle could result in birders accommodating "cat" people and vice versa. It's impossible to pair groups of people together with the same interests, should you choose to go in a group setting. Most safari companies that sell standard "canned" tours with set departure dates mix people of all ages and interests. Can you imagine spending $6,000 pp to share a vehicle or your dinner with others that have the exact opposite interests as you? Bird watching while a lion in the distance is about to hunt a cape buffalo is frustrating. What if you wanted to leave at sunrise and the others in the group drank to much Safari Lager the night before and wanted to leave at 9AM? The solution to this problem is a private safari with your own vehicle and your own guide.

To custom-make your private safari (minimum 2 persons, maximum 6 persons), it is important that you determine the basic level of safari that will satisfy you, your companion(s) or your family. To assist you in your selection, we offer informative examples of safari options in South Africa and Mozambique from the basic Comfort of a Safari camping to the extraordinary Golden Era Safari. Each example gives you an itinerary, possible schedules, costs, a brief description of game parks and places you may visit.
Please note that these are examples. You can change every aspect of these itineraries including extending or shortening your length of stay. In addition you will find a list of activities that can be ad to your program:
- Optional activities.
- Endurance sport & safari.

These safari packages also give some guidance regarding your budget.
If you want to upgrade your accommodation for couple of days or if you want to spoil yourself by spending some days on the Mozambican islands we can always modify a proposed safari.
Kids are not forgotten, even the youngest one, your guide will be able to do some baby-sitting on request. We will assist you through every step of the way.

We always keep in mind that this is your safari. Our responsibility is to ensure that this will be a trip of a lifetime and custom-made to fit your wishes. Your adventure will be a private one with your exclusive vehicle and guide.

A Tailor-Made Safari offers the ultimate in flexibility. Guests can travel where they want, when they want, and how they want. Through an interactive process of consultation and discussion, we will work with you to design your own unique safari incorporating the elements that are of greatest interest to you, over dates that are most convenient for you.

* If you are more than 6 participants, we will be able to supply and additional vehicle, one of the participant will be involved driving the second vehicle. The tour leader will always be in contact with the second vehicle.