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The Defender Puma model 2008 Land Rover Defender.
Secret Safari to Africa will not compromise on safety and mobility.
We endeavour to make the least possible environmental impact
In the areas visited.
The company refrains from utilizing heavy modified cargo trucks or minibus taxis, and choose the new Land Rover Defenders to conduct our safaris in.

The Land Rover Defender Puma is specifically built for the adventure tourism sector.
The Puma Series has fantastic legroom and it is truly the most comfortable safari vehicle on the market.
The Defender Puma Series has 5 doors, 3 seat rows making accessibility a real pleasure.
Luggage will be packed and locked properly in off-road trailer in order to assure more space and comfort during your adventure.
Land Rovers have a very low ratio 4WD gear, a centre diff lock system, excellent suspension for off-road travel
The vehicles are permanent 4x4 vehicles, this in itself a fantastic safety option; equipped with bull bars, spotlights, bash bars and two spare wheels.
The Land Rover, however, is not an air - conditioned tour bus; it is designed for the African safari conditions and terrain through which we conduct our safaris in rural Africa
Each vehicle has a comprehensive tool kit, including spare parts normally required.
All vehicles are comprehensively serviced and maintained by professional Land Rover workshops prior to every safari conducted.
All “secret safaris to Africa” are conducted in 4x4 Land Rover Defenders.
The Land Rover Defender is the ultimate safari vehicle.

Owner of Secret Safari to Africa and your guide.

* If you are more than 6 participants, we will be able to supply and additional vehicle/trailer, one of the participant will be involved driving the second vehicle. The tour leader will always be in contact with the second vehicle.


The basic trailer consists of a heavy duty off-road chassis, with a large load bin. The load bin has a large top-opening door. The load bin and all accessories are manufactured from grade 304 (non-magnetic) stainless steel. Luggages and sport gears are packed and secured in the 2.1m load bin in order to provide comfort and space in the Defender.

*The off road trailer is only used for 4 and more passengers.


Safari trailers are ideal for anything from overland trips to luxury camping holidays into national parks. Our trailers are mobile townhouses on wheels, complete with kitchen, pantry, bedroom and living room. Our philosophy is to have a space for everything - you don't unpack anything but a table and chairs, the rest stays in its space in the trailer. Setting up a typical camping site should never take more than 10 minutes.